Urban Lifestyle Photography

Manchester Lifestyle Photographer | I have been dying to get out on location for a while but projects, and Manchesters notorious poor weather, haven’t permitted, so it was a joy to see that spring has finally sprung and buoyed by the rare blue sky I enlisted Tom from Boss Model Management to get some urban lifestyle photography. There are some nice locations in Manchester from the canals and old industrial age mills, to old castle ruins at Castlefield – and if you are lucky enough not to be chucked off, there are some rooftop views (we weren’t lucky and did get chucked off) and we did our best to make the most of them.

Have a look at these images and see what you think. I am available for photoshoots for clothing brands and campaign shoots, which this type of image typically suits.

Manchester Model Photography

Manchester Model PhotographyNatasha Beardmore of Industry Models was back at the studio this week for portfolio updates, I have worked with Natasha on a number of occasions in the past and it’s always a pleasure, she is a fantastic model and we always managed to get lovely images, and this week was no exception.

With the help of Nikki Fisher, one of the fabulous creatives from the Cassie Lomas academy,  on Hair and make up we managed to get a number of looks from beauty portrait, to fashion and swimwear. On these portfolio update sessions it’s always beneficial for the model to get varied images to show their adaptability and as you can see from these shots Natasha looks great in all the looks with her beautiful exotic looks and figure to see for.

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Manchester Fitness Photographer

Manchester Fitness Photographer | It was a pleasure to have the gang from YogalIfe back at the studio yesterday, Stuart of YogaLife brought along the staff of trainers, plus a few lovely clients to shoot images for their website and social media, it was a fun session with the rowdy and energetic bunch.

It’s very enjoyable photographing a high energy group but it’s not without it’s challenges – making sure everyone is in shot, posed, lit well and engaged, I am glad I recently purchased a Westcott 7ft Parabolic Umbrella, it’s a massive light modifier and helped to cover all of the gang. Fitness and sports are some of my favourite things to photograph and I will be devoting more time to it in 2017, so keep your eyes peeled.

The thumbnail image on this post was inspired by movie posters like Captain Marvel – Civil war – I shot each of the subject individually and then composed them into one Photoshop image.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Manchester lifestyle photographer | Never one to let an opportunity go to waste I took my camera and a couple of models around the Manchester German Markets this week for a mini shoot to get some lifestyle Christmas images, despite the best efforts of the market security – moving us on at every opportunity – we managed to get some nice images.

A big thanks to Scott Lewis and Olivia Arben for being the pretty faces and their agency ‘Nemesis Model Management‘ for supplying the models.

Check out this the sample image on this post and a couple more in the ‘Lifestyle’ portfolio on www.andbro.com

Hollyoaks meets Andbro

Manchester Fashion Photographer | I generally shoot models, so it’s always a pleasure to work with other creatives, and I was more than happy to welcome Anna Passey to the studio last week, Anna plays the ‘troubled’ character Sienna on Channel 4’s Hollyaoks, and I am happy to inform you she is nothing like her character on the show (thank God or I would probably have been casually kidnapped)

We discussed a few themes and ideas for the shoot and decided to get some well lit portraits as well as a dark and coloured set and we braved the Manchester weather and got some outdoor images with city lights and street scene. There are always a few challenges when shooting on location, whether it be dragging equipment around, battling the weather conditions or in this case having the general public recognise the subject you are photographing and trying to distract you, but we overcame all of the obstacles and got some really good stuff.

Thanks to Yasmin Schwitzer for her hair and make up skills and thanks Anna for your patience and professionalism

Always keep your eyes open when shooting

Manchester Portrait Photographer | The title sounds a little obvious, but let me explain.

On photoshoots there’s generally a plan to follow, a concept, a structure, whether it’s just a general idea or a rigid structure with mood boards and a running list and sometimes because you have the end goal in mind you can close your eyes to what is going on around you, but you should always be open to changes of plan or amending the direction if inspiration strikes you whilst on a job.

The image in this post is a prime example, the shot on the left is the shot I planned, I wanted a high contrast studio lit portrait on a dark background and it’s pretty much what I achieved, but in the process of making the image I noticed that the sun setting out of the window to the left of the backdrop was making an interesting looking dramatic look, the model was pretty much in silhouette apart from the sunlight – so I took the opportunity to turn off the flash light, open up the aperture of the camera and shoot the portrait natural light. I like both shots but I am glad I had my eyes open to what was going on around me.

Which do you prefer?

Portfolio Photography Manchester

Portfolio Photography Manchester | Another great shoot with another great model from Nemesis Model Management

Last week I shot Aimee from Nemesis at Lab studio in Stockport with the help of Bethany Pentelow (HMU).

Aimee is a model, actor and musician so the shots had to have a commercial appeal across each of these disciplines. We got some actor headshots, commercial portraits and fashion images all in a few hours at the studio and in the adjoining grounds. Luckily we got a bright day considering we were deep into Autumn ‘Praise be the Gods of sunlight’. On portfolios shoots I like to get a range of natural light and strobe lit images and I was really happy with the quality of light we had on the day.

If you would like to book a portfolio shoot, contact me for availability and rates.



Portfolio shoot for Scott @ Nemesis Models

Commercial Photographer Manchester | On Saturday I had the pleasure of working with Scott on Nemesis Models on his commercial photography portfolio update. I had worked with Scott in the past so it was quite an easy task.

We decided on a range of images from a ‘quality lookbook’ style to a cinematic night time dramatic look and a few things in between, I have to say it was one of the best portfolio shoots I have done to date, my new camera was performing well, Scott looked good and was easy to work with, and all the ideas I had proved achievable so both Scott and I were ecstatic with the results, hopefully his parent agency will be too.

Have a look at a few of these samples and if you want ro book a shoot, contact me for rates and availability at www.andbro.com