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Manchester Model Photographer | Andbro Photography

I have been busy of late working on a lot of model portfolio updates. As well as working business to business I take a lot of bookings from models or model agencies when they want to update their model cards, it’s enjoyable as the models are always eager to get fresh images and although there’s a brief it’s not as strict as it would be on a commercial photoshoot.

Below are a few images from recent shoots with Manchester models agencies, Boss Model Management, Nemesis Models and J’adore Models and their mainboard models, on these shoots the brief is usually to do 2-3 sets of images with different looks to best showcase the model and their unique features – these sets tend to include portraits, figure/physique images and something a bit more fashion inspired. It’s not always a good idea to do anything too creative on these shoots as the purpose of the images are to be show to clients when they submit a brief for commercial work so I believe they should be kept relatively natural – the place for creative or avant garde work is editorials and creative tests.

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Lingerie Photographer Manchester

Lingerie Photographer Manchester | Andbro Photography had the pleasure recently, of working with Erin Willerton. Erin is a philosophy student, model and lover of 80’s music and the younger sister of former ‘Miss Universe Great Britain’ Amy Willerton and as you will see, looks run in the family.

Erin has a great look with beautiful long hair and a statuesque physique which makes it an easy job to shoot lovely eye catching images of her. We have worked together once before so it was nice to have her back in the studio and it’s often better the more you shoot with people as you get more comfortable with them and get to know how to best show them.

With the help of talented hair and make up artist Lynsey Tanner, we shot a range of images including lingerie, portrait and fashion images using natural and strobe light at Lab Studio in Reddish, have a look at these sample images and judge for yourself.

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Manchester Commercial Photographer

Manchester Commercial Photographer | Blogging

It’s sometimes hard to find the time to write blogs and make them relevant and interesting, it’s much more fun and rewarding creating the content for the website and working on interesting projects both for clients and personal usage – I am not even sure if people read these or just look at the photography.

I have been busy of late working on a number of projects so I will try and write a few blog entries to accompany the new photography.

One of my most enjoyable shoots recently was portfolio update shoot with Belle of J’adore Models Manchester, Belle was an absolute joy to work with and the images we produced were some of my favourites of the year so far, with the help of Etti Perez on hair and make up we produced a set of really eye catching images, including portrait photography, fashion photography and lingerie photography – model, make up artist, photographer and agency were all very pleased with the results, see what you think.

If you like the images and are interested in booking my services for any forthcoming shoots, please get in touch.

Manchester Product Photographer

Manchester Product Photographer | Andbro Photography

I was recently tasked with creating new photography for Hayes & Finch in Liverpool (a manufacturer of scented candles and accessories). Hayes & Finch has historically supplied candles to religious institutions and churches, but now are building their commercial side, supplying retailers and department stores as well as selling online through their e-commerce site, and they wanted some fresh imagery to market their products.

I worked on site at their industrial premises in Liverpool and shot e-commerce (white out) images as well as lifestyle / in-situ images. It’s a totally different skillset shooting products compared to people, you have to take into consideration, reflections, continuity, consistency and prominence in the frame amongst other things and it can be very tricky time consuming process – at least the products don’t talk back though.

It was a pleasure working with Chris and the team at Hayes and Finch and I have had great feedback from them already about the images.

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Urban Lifestyle Photography

Manchester Lifestyle Photographer | I have been dying to get out on location for a while but projects, and Manchesters notorious poor weather, haven’t permitted, so it was a joy to see that spring has finally sprung and buoyed by the rare blue sky I enlisted Tom from Boss Model Management to get some urban lifestyle photography. There are some nice locations in Manchester from the canals and old industrial age mills, to old castle ruins at Castlefield – and if you are lucky enough not to be chucked off, there are some rooftop views (we weren’t lucky and did get chucked off) and we did our best to make the most of them.

Have a look at these images and see what you think. I am available for photoshoots for clothing brands and campaign shoots, which this type of image typically suits.

Manchester Model Photography

Manchester Model PhotographyNatasha Beardmore of Industry Models was back at the studio this week for portfolio updates, I have worked with Natasha on a number of occasions in the past and it’s always a pleasure, she is a fantastic model and we always managed to get lovely images, and this week was no exception.

With the help of Nikki Fisher, one of the fabulous creatives from the Cassie Lomas academy,  on Hair and make up we managed to get a number of looks from beauty portrait, to fashion and swimwear. On these portfolio update sessions it’s always beneficial for the model to get varied images to show their adaptability and as you can see from these shots Natasha looks great in all the looks with her beautiful exotic looks and figure to see for.

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Manchester Fitness Photographer

Manchester Fitness Photographer | It was a pleasure to have the gang from YogalIfe back at the studio yesterday, Stuart of YogaLife brought along the staff of trainers, plus a few lovely clients to shoot images for their website and social media, it was a fun session with the rowdy and energetic bunch.

It’s very enjoyable photographing a high energy group but it’s not without it’s challenges – making sure everyone is in shot, posed, lit well and engaged, I am glad I recently purchased a Westcott 7ft Parabolic Umbrella, it’s a massive light modifier and helped to cover all of the gang. Fitness and sports are some of my favourite things to photograph and I will be devoting more time to it in 2017, so keep your eyes peeled.

The thumbnail image on this post was inspired by movie posters like Captain Marvel – Civil war – I shot each of the subject individually and then composed them into one Photoshop image.


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Manchester lifestyle photographer | Never one to let an opportunity go to waste I took my camera and a couple of models around the Manchester German Markets this week for a mini shoot to get some lifestyle Christmas images, despite the best efforts of the market security – moving us on at every opportunity – we managed to get some nice images.

A big thanks to Scott Lewis and Olivia Arben for being the pretty faces and their agency ‘Nemesis Model Management‘ for supplying the models.

Check out this the sample image on this post and a couple more in the ‘Lifestyle’ portfolio on