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Hollyoaks meets Andbro

Manchester Fashion Photographer | I generally shoot models, so it’s always a pleasure to work with other creatives, and I was more than happy to welcome Anna Passey to the studio last week, Anna plays the ‘troubled’ character Sienna on Channel 4’s Hollyaoks, and I am happy to inform you she is nothing like her character on the show (thank God or I would probably have been casually kidnapped)

We discussed a few themes and ideas for the shoot and decided to get some well lit portraits as well as a dark and coloured set and we braved the Manchester weather and got some outdoor images with city lights and street scene. There are always a few challenges when shooting on location, whether it be dragging equipment around, battling the weather conditions or in this case having the general public recognise the subject you are photographing and trying to distract you, but we overcame all of the obstacles and got some really good stuff.

Thanks to Yasmin Schwitzer for her hair and make up skills and thanks Anna for your patience and professionalism

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