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Fitness Shoot with Charlotte at Boss Models

As with most photographers, I take inspiration from many sources such as nature, everyday life, art and images I see elsewhere. As a result sometimes you can knowingly or unknowingly shoot images which are similar to things you have absorbed in the past.

On Wednesday I went into a shoot with Charlotte at Boss Models in Manchester with a clear intention of creating images similar to the recent Victorias Secret Sport campaign, I saw the original images and absolutely loved them and had a location similar to theirs, so I challenged myself to get some images even half way as good, I didn’t have the massive budget they would have had but I had a good location a beautiful model and a talented make up artist – the rest was up to me.

The brief I gave myself was to get similar images in vibe and style, make the studio look as though it was a really bright day with sun streaming in through the window, and for the finished images not to look studio lit even though I did use Profoto B1 Heads for fill light.

I am pretty happy with the results

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