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Always keep your eyes open when shooting

Manchester Portrait Photographer | The title sounds a little obvious, but let me explain.

On photoshoots there’s generally a plan to follow, a concept, a structure, whether it’s just a general idea or a rigid structure with mood boards and a running list and sometimes because you have the end goal in mind you can close your eyes to what is going on around you, but you should always be open to changes of plan or amending the direction if inspiration strikes you whilst on a job.

The image in this post is a prime example, the shot on the left is the shot I planned, I wanted a high contrast studio lit portrait on a dark background and it’s pretty much what I achieved, but in the process of making the image I noticed that the sun setting out of the window to the left of the backdrop was making an interesting looking dramatic look, the model was pretty much in silhouette apart from the sunlight – so I took the opportunity to turn off the flash light, open up the aperture of the camera and shoot the portrait natural light. I like both shots but I am glad I had my eyes open to what was going on around me.

Which do you prefer?

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